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"Best of the Best" Award Winner

The jury for the Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2018 has honoured ed'o Olive Oil - DELUXE Pairing Edition with the Red Dot: Best of the Best Award.

ed'o is the first Olive Oil brand worldwide to obtain the "Best of the Best" Award. In past editions, the winners of such distinctive prize were renowned first-class brands such as iPhone, AUDI, Coca-Cola... ed'o has achieved within its first year of life to be recognized among the best companies of Packaging Design in the World.

Over several days, 24 international experts examined, discussed and evaluated more than 8,600 works. Ed’o Olive Oil won over the jury members with its outstanding design quality and creative achievement.

During the Red Dot Gala on the 26th of October 2018 at the Konzerthaus Berlin, Erhan Turkoglu and Ariadna Grau (founders of Selective Export SL, and creators of ed'o) will receive their trophy on stage from the hands of Professor Dr. Peter Zec, the founder and CEO of the Red Dot Award Organization.

Statement by the jury
The jury of the Red Dot Organization has described the outstanding packaging concept of ed'o as follows:

"The packaging for the ed’o olive oils is thoroughly convincing: the elegant organic shape of the bottles is not only exceptionally beautiful and rests well in the hand, it also symbolises the fluidity of oil dripping down. The fact that the two bottles are boxed together following the yin-yang principle reflects the natural equilibrium associated with the quality of the food product and the naturalness of its origin – rounding off the excellent and well-thought-out packaging concept."


ed'o DELUXE_red dot_best of the best Olive oil_award


ed'o DELUXE vertical_red dot_best of the best Olive oil_award


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