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Erhan Turkoglu_Co-Founder and Director of Selective Export, S.L.

Erhan Turkoglu, Co-Founder and Director of Selective Export, S.L

ed'o (the gold essence) is the result of the pursuit of a dream. In order to explain how this dream originated, let me go back to the beginning so that you can understand how a Turkish Engineer ended up living in Spain and producing Olive Oil.

First of all, I have to admit: I am an olive addict. Since my childhood, I have been eating olives for breakfast every day. Olives and olive oil are such pillars of our Mediterranean diet, that we tend to take it for granted, and we rarely give them the attention they deserve. I started realizing the importance of olive oil in my life when I left Turkey. While living in Germany for 3 years, I recognized that good quality olive oil was hard to find in supermarkets. It was perceived as a precious commodity, and barely used for cooking.

I did not truly realize how important and valued extra virgin olive oil was, until the day of my wedding. A day that not only changed my life personally, but also professionally. We married in the valley of Tarragona, Spain, in the olive grove of my wife’s family. Yes, we literally married under the olive trees! As an International couple, we had guests from all over the world. We offered them as a wedding gift a nice bottle of olive oil from our field. Months passed, and people kept on sending us messages about how good the olive oil was. Even one colleague told me a year after: “It is so delicious, that I am still keeping the last drops for a special occasion”. I was shocked: something that was so common for me, was valued as gold for others.

This event changed my entire perspective. I wanted to upgrade and promote the amazing treasure we had, and position it where it belongs. After pondering this idea for quite some time, I finally decided to take a step forward. I left my job in Germany and moved to Barcelona to realize my dream.

ed'o is my dream come true.