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ed'o Olive Oil - Gourmet Art displayed in Museums

Have you ever seen an Olive Oil in a museum?
ed'o Olive Oil, awarded as the best Packaging Design of 2018 by the Red Dot Jury, is a real Gourmet piece of Art.
The outstanding ed'o DELUXE Pairing Edition, with its unique concept of perfect balance reflected by the yin yang composition of the two Olive Oils, was displayed in the Communication Museum of Berlin from October 28th of 2018 to January 13th of 2019.
If you missed the exhibit in Berlin, now is your chance to visit this Olive Oils in a Museum because ed'o is again under the spotlight.
On the evening of 14th of March of 2019 takes place the Vernissage of the exhibition “Creative Exchange: World’s Best Communication Design and Highlights from NRW”, featuring the best communication design achievements from all over the globe, and ed'o is one of the highlights among those. This exposition will be shown at the Red Dot Design Museum located on the grounds of the Zollverein World Heritage Site in Essen. You can see this Gourmet piece of Art until the 2nd June.
For more information you can visit the link of the exhibition.
edo Olive Oil_Grand Prix Red Dot_DELUXE Pairing Edition
edo Olive Oil_Grand Prix Red Dot_Exposition in Museum

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