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The Week

Why is ed’o (the gold essence) different than other brands? The answer is simple, because we offer the best quality olive oil of each year's harvest. We analyze and select the production from the best week, yes, just ONE WEEK, the one when the olives have reached their maximum splendour. Just by doing this, we can offer a very low acidity level, and high organoleptic properties.

Many brands commercialize pre-mature oil under the “early harvest” concept. At such early stage, the olive is just green and not fully formed, which means that a big part of its flesh is still water. This will lead to several filtering processes, leaving behind all the possible tasting notes, and remaining just a bitter green taste, nothing else.

Olives, at the end of the day, are like any other fruit. For example, if you want to eat sweet and tasty strawberries, you would not buy them in winter, but rather wait for the end of spring; same happens for oranges, cherries, asparagus, pumpkins… and many others. Each fruit or vegetable has its peak quality moment. The hard part is to be able to determine when it is.

That's exactly what we do at ed'o (the gold essence).

Arbequina olive selection at optimal maturity level for ed'o the gold essence ultra premium extra virgin olive oil.   

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