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1st Arbequina Olive Oil Symposium

On the 23rd of November, the 1st edition of Arbequina Olive Oil Symposium took place in Arbeca (Catalunya, Spain). Arbeca is the Catalan town which is believed that Arbequina Olive variety was named after it.

The Symposium was led by well-known personalities of the Industry. ed'o Co-Founders were invited as part of the main speakers of the event in order to present their Flagship brand as a Case Study of the Olive Oil Sector.

The event was divided into 4 main areas:

  1. The Olive Grove & Environment
  2. The Olive Oil Industry
  3. Commercialization & Marketing
  4. Gastronomy & Health

    Ariadna Grau, Co-Creator and Marketing Director of ed'o, enlightened the audience and guided them into a journey of discovery, a journey of bravery, a journey out of the comfort zone.

    She encourages the Olive Oil Industry to start doing things differently. Brands need to stand out in order to be recognized by the consumers, and she gave some hints about how to take the first steps into this paradigm shift:

    1. Take Risks
    2. Search for Inspiration
    3. Make it visual

      "Nowadays there is an overload of information. If we want to be noticed by the consumers we need to have disruptive strategies both for Commercialization and Marketing" said Ariadna Grau as part of her presentation.

      ed'o has started a brave new wave of Marketing Strategies with its unique Olive Oil which has been exhibited in Museums and wants to inspire other brands to take this new path out of the comfort zone.


      Ariadna Grau presenting ed'o Olive Oil Case Study at Arbequina Symposium

      Ariadna Grau presenting ed'o Olive Oil Case Study at Arbequina Symposium

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