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Red Dot Grand Prix Award Winner - ed'o Olive Oil

On October 26th, the Founders of Selective Export SL, Erhan Turkoglu and Ariadna Grau, attended Red Dot Gala at the Konzerthaus Berlin to collect the "Best of the Best" award on stage from the hands of Professor Dr. Peter Zec, the founder and CEO of the Red Dot Award Organization.

The surprise of the night was that ed'o Deluxe Pairing Edition was honoured with the maximum recognition "Grand Prix". The names of those who would take home a Red Dot Grand Prix were kept strictly secret until the very last moment. The highest individual distinction in the competition can be awarded to especially outstanding works, the best in each category, at the discretion of the jurors. ed'o Olive Oil won over the experts with its exceptional design quality and creativity, turning this brand into the best Packaging Concept of 2018.

"We are honoured to be awarded Grand Prix by the Red Dot Jury. Design allows us to visualize Quality. The quality of our product is reflected in our Packaging Concept" explains Erhan Turkoglu, Managing Director of Selective Export and Mastermind of ed'o. "It is an honour to be the first and only Olive Oil brand in the world to receive such recognition. We had a vision when we started conceptualizing this piece of work: elevating the gourmet experience to the next level, being able to transmit the high quality of the product, both inside and out. It is great to see that our vision is recognized with the highest single distinction in the Red Dot Award: Communication Design."

The Red Dot Jury of 2018 edition comprises 24 international experts, who have analyzed more than 8.600 works from 45 different countries.


Red Dot Gala at Konzerthaus Berlin

Ariadna Grau and Erhan Turkoglu_Founders of Selective Export and creatives behind edo Olive Oil_winners of Red Dot Best of the Best and Grand Prix

Red Dot Gala at Konzerthaus Berlin

Erhan Turkoglu and Ariadna Grau_Red Dot Grand Prix_Peter Zec and Jennifer Tsai


Red Dot Grand Prix Award_edo Olive Oil



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