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Newspaper Interview

“El 9 Nou” newspaper made a special interview to the creator of ed’o olive oil, which was published this week on the edition of 30th of July.

The journalist was particularly interested and amazed about the background of the brand, its people and its story.

Through the lines of this interview, the readers can travel from Istanbul to Spain, crossing Germany on the way. This is the path that the Türkoğlu Grau family has gone through as a preparation for their Big Dream. A dream that brings us back to our roots, our childhood, our Mediterranean culture...

The Creator of ed'o and Certified Olive Oil Sommelier, Erhan Türkoğlu, takes Food Pairing to a whole new level, positioning ed’o PURE and ed’o ORGANIC in the same cluster as most prestigious wines.

Why consuming just one Olive Oil per household? Each one can bring different nuances, aromas, flavours… to accompany and round out the taste of our dishes.

As Erhan mentions in the article, the world of Olive Oil is like a book, you should not just read one page, but rather keep reading all of its pages...

Diversity is key to understanding the world we live in.

Erhan Turkoglu_Olive Oil Sommelier_Creator of edo olive oil_El9Nou_Newspaper Interview

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