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TV Interview

The creator of ed'o olive oil, Erhan Türkoğlu, was LIVE on TV explaining the story behind the brand and how he decided to quit his corporate job to become an entrepreneur and chase his dream.

On the 19th of January of 2018, the British journalist Nicole Millar interviewed Erhan, the mind behind one of the most luxurious Extra Virgin Olive Oils in the World.

Get to know everything about ed'o; why it is different than other olive oils; what the meaning of the brand name is; what the vision of his company "Selective Export SL" is; and many other anecdotes about how his life changed completely when he decided to stop working for big Corporations and decided to open his own business.

Watch the Interview here.

Nicole Millar TV interview to Erhan Turkoglu, creator of edo olive oil and founder of Selective Export

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